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Our energy audit will assess your gas and electricity consumption in detail with the help of data from utility invoices, smart meters and building sub meters, and building management systems.  Where possible, consumption data will be assessed across a range of timescales from minute-by-minute to year-by-year in order to produce a detailed and accurate picture of how your organisation uses energy.  Periods of potential energy wastage will be highlighted, alongside our interpretation of the possible causes.


We are always happy to tailor our services to your requirements, for example by offering a post-occupancy evaluation of your new-build offices to assess performance against modelled energy targets or BREEAM benchmarks.


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To discuss your requirements please call us on 02380 644153, or email us.

How is your organisation performing with regard to building energy consumption and carbon emissions?
Are you meeting the energy targets that were set or predicted?  An energy audit aims to answer these questions, helping to assess your site’s energy performance against industry benchmarks, and identifying potential opportunities to reduce energy wastage.  Energy audits are generally carried out in conjunction with a site energy survey in order to present a comprehensive assessment of energy use.