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1/2 bedrooms
3/4 bedrooms
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Include thermal imaging
West Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Dorset
Greater London, Bucks, Oxon,
East Sussex, Gloucs, Bristol, Somerset, Beds, Herts
Other counties (at our discretion)
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Remote consultation
Not available

No VAT is chargeable on the above prices.  Group discounts are available - please contact us for details.


Why choose a Home Energy Survey from Expert Energy?


We believe our services are better value than any of our competitors due to our combination of:


Independence - we do not make money from sales or referrals, therefore our recommendations are totally impartial

Flexibility - we will happily tailor our service to your circumstances and requirements

Expert Energy Guides - our growing library of background documents gives you all the supporting information you need

Friendliness - we never outsource any of our domestic work, therefore you will always deal directly with us

Cost - we have very low overheads, and this allows us to provide excellent value for money compared with our competitors


For more information or to book a survey, please contact us.



Our experience


Expert Energy’s Andy Smale is a physicist by training.  As well as running Expert Energy, Andy has many years’ experience working in a consultant role for local charity Winchester Action On Climate Change, and is regularly invited to appear as an energy advisor on BBC Radio Solent.  Please see Andy’s LinkedIn profile for more details on his background experience and qualifications.   


Pricing - PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19 we are only offering remote consultations at present


The following prices are for a full survey as described above.


Where it is too far for us or too expensive for you with regard to travel we are pleased to offer a consultation over the phone, with the help of any information that you can supply such as photos, floorplans, sales particulars and energy bills.  This service is offered with a written report, however if you are happy to make your own notes then we can leave this out.  We will also send you the Expert Energy PDF guides in either case.  This service can also be offered where COVID-related restrictions mean we cannot visit.


Whether you want to tackle spiralling energy costs, are looking to invest in renewable energy or are struggling to keep your home warm and cosy, our Home Energy Survey can help you.  We are independent consultants - we do not sell solutions or accept commission for referrals off the back of our recommendations.


How does it work?


1.   We will book in a convenient time to visit you in your home.  

2.   When we arrive we’ll sit down and talk with you to capture important information and discover what your problems or objectives are.            This ensures that we concentrate on the areas of greatest importance to you.

3.   Following this we will carry out a thorough survey of your home to look at how you are using energy.  As we walk round we will look at          the following aspects relating to your energy use:



How long does a survey take?


This depends to an extent on the size of your home, but mostly on how involved you want to be.  We strongly encourage you to follow us around on the survey - we will both learn more in the process, which will ultimately help us to help you as best we can.


We suggest you allow a minimum of 1.5 hours, and up to 3 hours if you have a large house, a lot of questions and/or would also like thermal imaging carried out at the same time.


What will you receive?


Your home energy report


Usually within 7-14 days you will receive a detailed and personalised report in PDF format - the report is typically 15-20 pages long, presenting our findings with detailed recommendations for improving energy efficiency and reducing wastage, and going way beyond the “cut and paste” style of an Energy Performance Certificate or Green Deal Assessment.


Each recommendation will include an estimate of the cost, indications of the expected savings and the payback time.  The recommendations will also be summarised in a table format so that, for example, you can easily see which actions will pay for themselves quickest.  And because we do not sell products or receive commission for referrals off the back of our recommendations, you can trust our advice to be the right advice for you.


Where appropriate, we will also look at the possibilities for generating your own energy, and explain the financial incentives increasingly available to help make renewable energy a cost-effective solution.


Finally, the report will highlight the various ways in which you can pay for your improvements, outlining any grants, funding schemes and tax breaks which may be available, depending on your circumstances.


Expert Energy Guides


We spend a considerable amount of time producing and updating our Expert Energy Guides - these are a series of detailed PDF guides (totalling around 130 pages and updated annually) to particular subjects relating to our most common recommendations, for example upgrading your boiler or installing solar thermal systems.  We send the relevant guides to you separately - the aim of these is to provide you with in-depth information on particular aspects of our recommendations without cluttering up the main report.


Follow-up support


We realise that there may be questions which occur to you after the survey has taken place, or points you would like to clarify.  You have the opportunity to ask any follow-up questions you have relating directly to the report or survey for up to 12 months after the survey.


Thermal imaging add-on


The majority of our clients who contact us during the colder months opt to include an internal and external thermal imaging survey to complement their energy survey - this helps to provide objective evidence of where heat is being lost, and is available for an additional £100 (standalone thermal imaging surveys start at £345).  The images recorded will be incorporated within the report that you receive.